Nutritious Halal Meal Delivery

Our halal meals are prepared freshly and delivered to your doorstep.

Whether you're following a specific diet plan or simply seeking halal-certified options, we've got you covered.

How It Works

Ready To Eat
Our healthy pre-cooked halal meals are delivered to your home anytime. Just heat it and enjoy.
Delivered to your Door
We deliver meals to your doorstep. We make the easy option the healthy option.
Your Chef
At Zaydu, we value your input as food enthusiasts. If you're yearning for something fresh and innovative, share your cravings with us.
Most Affordable
From the farm to our kitchen and finally to your table, our efficient system guarantees the shortest time in the industry.

Our Halal Meal Delivery Service

Purchase your Halal meal plan on our secure website.

See your Halal meal plan on this page and purchase through our secure website checkout. You can choose from many plan options according to your needs.

Get your healthy Halal meals delivered to your door.

Your halal prepared meal plan is delivered in a special thermal box with dry ice and other packaging material to make sure your meals are in optimal condition.

Meals arrive portioned and cooked. Just heat and enjoy.

Each Halal meal is individually vacuum packed in a food container sealed with a high barrier film to retain freshness. Simply open the pack and heat it in your microwave or oven.
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Why Choose Our Prepared Halal Meals Delivery Company?

Zaydu specializes in pre-cooked meals and delivery to your door.

Maximum Nutrition, Zero Effort

Get healthy meals delivered that are already cooked and portioned and fit your nutritional needs.

Nutritional Value

The meal plans contain no preservatives and are also low in sodium and sugar. That is the best nutritional value of the market combined with the satiating portion size.

Fresh Ingredients. Higher Quality.

We source our ingredients from local farmers during the harvest, resulting in a shorter supply chain, fresher products, and better quality for you.

Save Time. Feel Great.

No more waiting in line at the grocery store, or reaching for an unhealthy snack because it's convenient. With Zaydu’s prepared halal meal delivery, you get healthy food that is convenient and tasty.
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Budget-friendly Student Halal Meals


No time to cook because of studies? No problem! We deliver pre-cooked meals. They are super easy to heat up, saving you time for more important stuff.


Say goodbye to boring meals! We've got a tasty selection of dishes to satisfy your cravings, from classics to modern favorites.


Rest assured, our meals are made with locally sourced ingredients and expert chefs for maximum flavor and nutrition.


Whether you're at home or on campus, we'll deliver your meals right to your doorstep or to a convenient pickup spot.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can store your halal meals in the fridge for three or four days or in the freezer for a few weeks. Just heat and enjoy. Each meal has a label with a best-by-date.

Currently, Zaydu delivers within the province of Ontario. Keep an eye out for updates as we are expanding our services to other provinces shortly. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest announcements.

Yes, our packaging is recyclable. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Boxes: Simply break down the box and place it curbside with your recycling
  • Insulation: Our insulation is curbside recyclable.
  • Gel packs:These are non-toxic. You can reuse them by storing them in your freezer for future use or donate them to a local shelter. Alternatively, you can throw the gel packs in the trash and recycle the plastic sheet.
  • Food containers: Our BPA-free food containers are recyclable plastic. Remember to rinse them thoroughly before recycling.

We've put effort into finding shipping methods that are environmentally friendly and minimize waste.

Yes! Just use your work address as your shipping address. Our prepared halal meals will be delivered to you there.

Shipping charges are determined at checkout based on your location and the meal plan you choose.